Our Services

EHR Deployment

SeamHealth provides expert services in the design, testing/ validation, procurement, implementation, customization and deployment of electronic health records software for government/ public, non-governmental and corporate organizations as well as private institutions.

Software Optimization

SeamHealth implements innovative interventions in medium to large scale public and private organizations within the health sector by configuring and adapting technology solutions based on need.

Change Management

SeamHealth provides expert advisory and management services to transition staff from paper-based tools to electronic documentation platforms.

Capacity Building

SeamHealth recognizes that the successful realization of the goals and objectives of a project solely depends on the quality of the manpower and its ability to effectively allocate and utilize available resources.

Staff Training

SeamHealth supports training of providers/end users (using train-the-trainer approach), so as to improve adaptability and usability as well as promote sustainability beyond external support/project life.

Go-Live Support

Through advocacy visits and establishment of objectives and goals, the “go-live” team, ultimately ensures project sustainability.

Scope Of Services

SeamHealth provides expert advisory and management services to guide proper identification, effective implementation and sustainability of projects.

SeamHealth Assists In:
✔ Restructuring public and private enterprises to become efficient, profitable businesses that would increase employment and revenue generation.

✔ Packaging viable small to large size projects that promotes the utilization of local resources, while incorporating modern technology.

✔ Defining a suitable and efficient organizational structure aimed at realizing set objectives and maximizing the resources of the organization.

✔ Developing operational plans that will harmonize and optimize the organization’s resources within a specific time frame.

✔ Structuring management policies and processes to facilitate decision-making and enhance the execution process.

✔ Developing result oriented management information systems within the framework of the organization.

✔ Upgrade of technology infrastructure and improvement in deployment of technology assets.

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