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About SeamHealth Innovations

SeamHealth Innovations Inc. is a Healthcare consulting company with the mandate to deliver high quality and reliable technology solutions and Electronic Health Records (EHR) to medium AND large scale hospitals and public health institutions in developing countries.
Our Vision
To become the go-to consulting firm for the deployment of integrated EHR solutions for developing countries.
Our Mission
To provide state of the art healthcare consulting and technology implementation services to world-class institutions, for development, innovation and economic growth.

Our Services

Software Implementation
SeamHealth provides expert services in the design, testing and implementation of electronic records.
EHR Deployment
SeamHealth provides expert services in EHR Deployment and sustainability of projects.
Data Analysis & Reporting
SeamHealth offers quality services in data analysis, capacity building and reporting systems
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Our Recent Projects

Bridge App

SeamHealth Projects


SeamHealth Projects

PHR Digitisation

SeamHealth Projects
We have completed numerous projects over the last 3 years.
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